Rand Paul Opposes Amnesty, Supports Securing Borders, and Reforming Legal Immigration

There’s no question our country has been enriched by those who come to our country seeking the American Dream and a chance at a better life.

But millions of illegal immigrants continually crossing our border without our knowledge threatens our national security.

That’s why, as a U.S. Senator, I’ve opposed amnesty and fought hard to secure our borders while most in Washington, D.C. offer nothing but talk.


I’ve also introduced legislation that would make immigration reform conditional on Congress voting on whether the border is secure, requiring completion of a border fence in five years and stopping the federal government from establishing a national identification card system for citizens.

My “Trust but Verify” amendment requires Congress to write and enforce a border security blueprint rather than relying on bureaucracies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, to come up with a plan.

This amendment also would provide new national security safeguards to track the holders of student visas and those provided asylum and refugee status.

I also believe we should streamline the process for those immigrants who seek to jump through all the hoops required to enter the U.S. legally.

Legal immigration is a tremendous benefit to our country.

But in order to protect our nation and reform the immigration process, we must know who is and is not entering our country.  That cannot be done without securing our border.

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