Health Care

Rand Paul Supports Free-Market Principles in Health Care and the Repeal of Obamacare

I was not a member of the United States Senate during the 111th Congress, but if I had been I would have voted against ObamaCare.  I would have fought against it with every bone in my body.

Today, Americans are all too familiar with ObamaCare’s soaring health insurance premiums, shuttered hospitals, and poorer quality healthcare.

As your U.S. Senator, I will continue to fight until every word of ObamaCare is wiped off the federal books.


As a physician, I have had firsthand experience with the immense problems facing health care in the United States.  I saw it each and every day on the job.

Prior to the implementation of Obamacare, our health care system was over-regulated and in need of serious market reforms — and ObamaCare has only made it worse.

Government interventions in health care have driven up the cost of coverage and decreased competition within the market.

More — not less — freedom to choose and innovate will make sure our health care system remains the best in the world.

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